• Getting a lot of LIIIIIFE from thinking about our new house. I just imagine lying on my back in the garden staring up at the massive cedar tree in it and it feels really good.
  • I’ve planted sweet peas, rocket, lettuce, heleniums, and echinacea, which is a bit optimistic as I want them to be ready to plant out when we move to the “forever home” (as our mortgage advisor called it). The heleniums and echinacea were seeds from our London garden, which feels a bit like I brought some of that place with us.
  • I keep finding chunky spiders in the rental. A glass panel fell out of one of the doors, shattering all over the kitchen floor. Glass and spiders.
  • The three year old has started sleeping through the night again, that only took a whole year.
  • I’m going back to work on Tuesday, possibly foolishly, I haven’t prepared for it at all. Every day with two kids in this new place is so full-on that there isn’t time to have a little think about anything that’s happening any further into the future than “this afternoon”.
  • I had given up on ever thinking to myself “wow this web app is so essential and so good I’m going to add it to my home screen” but then my kid’s new nursery uses famly and it’s amazing? The previous nursery used something called ‘Eylog’ which was really slow and took far too many clicks to get to anything I wanted. But Famly has a whole load of features I find genuinely useful for corresponding with E’s nursery. AND it’s a webapp not an app app? They’re based in Denmark if anyone wants to be their CTO.
  • Still really really enjoying Sentimental in the city. Not normal for me to laugh out loud at things but Dolly and Caroline often raise a little cackle out of my cold tight throat.
  • I went for a walk with Brighton Resident Anna Goss and her very good dog. Anna is the first person I’ve met up with since moving to Brighton and it was a very strong start.

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