• It’s Saturday night but anything I write now is going to seem utterly inconsequential by the time I post this as I WILL HAVE RETURNED TO WORK.
  • We’re watching American Vandal 2 on Netflix. I like it although the scatological theme grosses me out a bit which is weird because I’m not usually grossed out by poo. There is a lot of poo in AV2 though so maybe I have found my threshold.
  • [Alice vs Nature Update] We caught our 6th mouse.
  • [Alice vs Nature Update] We have seen no more mice nor evidence of mice.
  • [Apropos of something that happened a few weeks ago] Some people are vampires who will suck the fun out of anything.
  • Doing a small cry about going back to work tomorrow because I’ve had such a lovely time on maternity leave. I had quite low expectations of how mat leave would be, because I like to prepare for the worst, but it was nowhere near as hard as I was expecting. Sometimes boring, sometimes frustrating but mostly a haze of cuddles and dribble and snot. Having a baby is as profound and mundane as everyone says it is.

Notes from going back to work

  • They’re selling turmeric lattes in the canteen now. I haven’t tried one yet.
  • My bike lock was still where I left it on the bike racks over a year ago.
  • The logistics of expressing milk at work are quite challenging.
  • The coffee bar woman welcomed me back! !! !
  • My work muscles have completely atrophied
  • Today’s crying forecast is sobbing in the morning moving to distant looks, throat clearing and watery eyes in the afternoon.
  • [Vignette of me trying to get access to the pumping room, the man with the key was on the bog every time I tried to find him] “TELL MARTIN HE NEEDS TO EAT MORE FIBRE!” / storms off.
  • Why am I so sweaty all the time?
  • There is too much stuff. I vaguely know about it already and yet it’s still too much
  • People keep telling me things and I am having a hard time differentiating between “things that I need to know now, in my first week back” and “things that will be important later”. I recall being quite good at this kind of filtering before I left.
  • I have made it to Friday. Pumping is still a nightmare.

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