• Yikes. I am tired. I filled out a great many forms to register us all with a GP down here and when Lachie checked them he found several mistakes, like me putting my relationship to him (my next of kin) as ‘withdean’ instead of ‘wife’ and getting baby C’s birthday wrong.
  • Finally made it to the sea.
  • I had a dream that I had to be the CTO of the Financial Times and I was, uh, not super happy about it. This was probably prompted by having to think about my earning potential for the rest of my life, in order to work out how much of a mortgage we can have.
  • We’ve had an offer on a house accepted. It’s a really amazing place so please cross your fingers that everything goes OK from here. I cry every time I think about it, that’s how nice it is.
  • Though this rental property is definitely cursed it has some redeeming features:
    1. American style fridge. Our old fridge in London was a bit rubbish but I didn’t want to replace it because replacing fridges is horrible for the environment. But this new fridge, wow. It fits all our food in? So I don’t have to hang a carrier bag with eg cauliflower on the back garden door? And it keeps the food cool but doesn’t freeze the food at the back? And stuff keeps fresh and doesn’t go off for a really long time? Great fridge.
    2. There is a tumble drier. Can’t believe I’ve been hanging the clothes on an ever increasing number of clothes horses, radiators, backs of chairs etc when I could have been using a machine to dry my clothes! What a revelation.

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