• After last weeks thing about Creatures, I partitioned my mac, installed Windows 10, and am now playing Creatures. Well, I was playing it. I played about seven hours and then decided to start over with some mods that balance out the ecology to stop all the critters from dying over time. I haven’t finished the set-up for that though so right now I’m not playing it while I google some more error messages. Sounds fun doesn’t it? If anyone else wants to not play it too so I have someone to swap notes with, please, do the thing.
  • I wrote the above on Tuesday before we moved house and now I don’t have time to google error messages anymore.
  • We have moved to the liminal space of a rental house in Withdean. I made a couple of instagram stories about the niggles of this cursed new property. The fact that the oven is too high for me to be able to read the dials, for example. Or that none of the toilet seats fit the toilets properly so your legs have to touch the porcelain. Or the fact that our bedroom has a door into the back garden with a 4ft drop the other side of it. Or the fact that the washing machine is in a strange “shed” made out of next door’s wall, the property wall, some wood and a load of silicone sealant spelunked around it. You know, fun quirks!
  • Withdean is not the final destination for us, the nearest set of swings or slide is a 40 minute walk away. Unacceptable! On Thursday the “outdoor entertainment” consisted of walking to the recycling bins and seeing if there was any room for cardboard. When we got there we found some abandoned toys which E “rescued”. Yes, that’s right, there is so little for small kids to do within walking distance of our house that one of the good options is literally going through bins.
  • Everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been very friendly.
  • The Deliveroo options are better than where we were before, handy because I’ve been too overwhelmed to cook anything except very basic meals.
  • Still can’t get over the newts in Preston Park.

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