• Wotcha
  • There is a really big crane on our road at the moment. It’s maybe the tallest crane I’ve ever seen. Every Monday when I have our three year old at home with me, we go and check on it. The man in the cab waves at us if he’s not too busy moving a skip of rubble. The other day he even moved the crane arm to be right above our heads. It was really exciting for me, but I think my daughter was mainly afraid he was going to pick her up. What a treasure that man is - he knows his job is both moving rubble and entertaining children and he takes both activities very seriously.
  • I listened to all of “Luster” by Raven Leilani this week. I loved the story, and it was beautifully written, especially the descriptions of painting. The narration was a bit disappointing because clearly some phrases had needed to be re-recorded, and the re-recording had happened somewhere with different acoustics so it was really obvious. I then got distracted by which word the narrator had stumbled on.
  • I made some bird food cakes (lard, bird seed, peanuts and raisins) with my daughter and hung them from the tree in our garden. So far only a squirrel has eaten any of them but I remain hopeful.
  • Mid afternoon on Friday E got sent home from nursery with a temperature. Her dad took her to a test centre at soon as possible. At time of writing this, she does seem a little covidy, but we haven’t had any results yet.
  • On Friday I also had a job interview to be the maternity cover for someone at work. What a flex it would be for me to get that job from my own maternity leave. Anyway it was pretty fun to recall some of my greatest hits and misses in the interview, although of course now my brain is enumerating all of the things I should have said but didn’t. I’d like to get that job but i’m also feeling pretty sanguine about not getting it because there will be plenty of things to be getting on with when I go back to work either way.
  • Did you know anguine means “of or resembling a snake”. I would say ‘s’ is anguine, certainly that’s what my three year old reckons. But if you take the s from ‘sanguine’ you make it less anguine but you get anguine. Am I high? This is really great cryptic crossword material. Like the fact that “Britney Spears” is an anagram of ‘presbyterians’.

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