• We drove back to London last Saturday. It took about 5 hours and the uneventful journey was bookended by:
    1. A load of snow being dumped on the roads, meaning we couldn’t drive up the hill that you need to drive up to leave. Quite dramatically I had to get the kids out of the car in the middle of the road as another car slid towards us. Luckily Lachie’s mum kinda thought this would happen so had followed us in case we got stuck. After a few hours the gritter came and then we were able to move. Big shout out to the lads from the house on the corner with the big shovels helping people push their cars out of the road and keeping everyone safe.
    2. Just 5 minutes from our house E got car sick and threw up cheese crackers and clementine segments.
  • I need a new colander.
  • I watched It’s A Sin. It was brutal.
  • I’ve started crocheting a monster for E from the book “Edward’s Crochet Emporium”.
  • My neighbours (all in their early 70s I think) have now been vaccinated.

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