• The covid test came back negative and E quickly bounced back to her usual self (singing “heads, shoulders knees and trumps!” at the top of her voice).
  • E can ride a bike but she can’t wipe her own bottom.
  • I watched the latest Contrapoints on Joanne K Rowling. It was very good and very long.
  • I watched Framing Britney. Wow I hope she gets to tell us her side of this story one day. FREE BRITNEY.
  • I watch drag race, and normally I watch it while doing something else because it’s a bit rubbish and on an aesthetic level I find drag kind of stressful (because I am really grossed out by glitter, to the point that I will throw away any nursery art-work with it on before it gets into my house). This week’s episode of Drag Race UK was absolutely iconic though. I have messaged several people about it. It was the first week after a 7 month covid-related hiatus where they had needed to stop filming and there were a lot of really great moments.
  • I’ve got two months left of maternity leave and then Lachie is gonna take shared parental leave for three months. I’m not exactly hyped by the prospect of returning to work because, unlike last time, this version of “returning to work” is “go upstairs and sit at that desk and do the typing”. Last time, returning to work came with lots of glamorous and exciting activities like “putting on my good trousers” and “drinking coffee uninterrupted”.
  • The FT has hired a new CTO and I’m struck by the weirdness of not meeting colleagues AFK. All the people in their little rooms. Is this the head in a rectangle that will be our new CTO? or will it be this person in their little rectangle? All these people with their corporeal forms reduced to head and shoulders in a box. All their expressions flattened onto a little screen. It’s coming up for a year since we all retreated to our homes, and we’ve hired a lot of people in that time. I hope I’ll meet them all in meatspace soon.
  • It seems extremely likely that both of our kids have a sense of smell, but it’s very hard to tell if a child can’t smell things for sure. Nobody realised I didn’t have a sense of smell (including me) until I was about seven because it just never came up. This was complicated by the fact that I used to fake being able to smell things because I thought I just “hadn’t learnt” how to smell yet and I was embarrassed about it. Anyway, this week Lachie, fresh from raiding the chocolate stash, asked our daughter if she wanted some raisins and she smelt the chocolate on his breath and asked for some of that instead. So that sorts that one out.

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