A toddler in a frosty field Snowwy fields Panorama of snowy fields Toddler pointing to the sky

  • It was our last week in the peaks this week and I went on some wonderful walks with C in the baby bjorn and E at my side. A two hour walk in the fields where all there is to do is look at things, listen to my daughter work through stuff in her 3 year old brain and work out how the three of us are going to get over these stiles without anyone falling over has been very special.
  • I did have to pick her up under my arm like a prize pig at a village fayre and wade through a puddle because it was too deep for either of us to get through without getting our feet wet.
  • You hold my hand to keep me safe [from slipping in the mud] and I’ll hold your hand to keep you safe [from slipping in the mud]
  • Just in case anyone was wondering, my weaknotes only feed stopped working for a bit because I forgot to update the bash script that generates the front matter for these posts. The version of the gem that deals with RSS that GitHub pages runs expects and only deals with “category”, whereas I had been using “categories” as the key. Don’t worry, I have updated my bash script (once I found it, which I had to google, ayyyy I don’t know what I’m doing!)
  • My daughter turned 3 this week. Here are three things she’s really into at the moment. This isn’t spon, just, you know, if you’re trying to buy a present for a 3 year old here are some things she’s really into:
    1. A den building kit. I was skeptical about this because dens are just sheets - you don’t need to pay money for things! But actually, this is good. No need to find heavy things to weigh sheets down with. You can pop a den up pretty much anywhere and E loves getting all her teddies in them to play.
    2. Dinosaur jigsaw. She’s done this several times a day for a few days in a row now. It has some dino facts on the back of the box too.
    3. The spaghetti hunters by Morag Hood. A funny book (I find it funny) about a tiny horse trying to find some spaghetti. All of Morag Hood’s books are pretty great actually.

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