• There is a diet coke ad I get a lot when watching Community on All4. Everyone on the internet absolutely hates this advert (and the others in the series) but I completely love it. Obviously Diet Coke tastes disgusting, but this guy doesn’t care! He likes it! “You’ve just got to like what you like” he tells me. Thank you Diet Coke man, I will!
  • Edith can say “herro” now, though more often she just waves. She will also (sometimes) put her hands above her head if you say “reach for the skyyyy” which is absurdly cute.
  • The canteen only had smooth peanut butter or “peanut free” peanut butter on Tuesday morning. Not sure why you’d want to eat peanut free peanut butter. Maybe if you had a peanut allergy but then it’s right next to the peanut butter in the canteen and someone might have stuck a peanuty knife into it, so would you risk it?
  • I still really like being back at work. When dudes used to tell me “my wife doesn’t work but oh boy is looking after a child a full time job!!!” I found it kind of phoney and insincere but having properly done both I can tell you that, for me, looking after a child is significantly harder than going to work every day. That probably has to do with my job in part. I’m really pleased we’re doing shared parental leave so Lachie can do full time baby wrangling.
  • Edith has another cold, and can only sleep if I’m holding her otherwise she coughs and wakes herself up. I did kind of have plans for this naptime such as publishing my weaknotes but instead I’m in a gloomy room slowly losing feeling in my arm.
  • I tweeted about this once I think, but it came up again this week. I’ve invented a measure for how similar two people look. The “Bartlett Number” of two individuals is the lowest age of a child that can draw a picture of the two individuals such that it’s obvious which person in the picture is which.
  • I’m sewing another Tamarack. It will be my third 1,2.

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