• Lachie has taken Edith out so I am back in bed eating an out of date chocolate muffin which I have microwaved so it will taste less stale.
  • Working is good isn’t it? It’s quite busy and feels like there is a lot to do, but I think I am effectively prioritising things. I’m trying very hard not to do any work at the weekends or evenings but I desperately want to because it’s extremely satisfying.
  • Edith has some suspicious spots that seem a little… chicken poxy? I have spent too much time looking at disgusting rashes on the internet since having a baby tbh.
  • Oh god this muffin is good
  • On the topic of muffins, isn’t it awful when you eat a muffin only to realise it’s jam filled? Yes it is awful.
  • What is the deal with people who use South Park characters for their slack icons? What is their deal?
  • Having to pump at work while also having a periods reminds me of this tweet - possibly the greatest tweet of all time: https://twitter.com/IamEnidColeslaw/status/351425828606849024

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