• I feel like a ghost.
  • I am very behind (like, six months) on Tampon Club emails. Sorry if you’re waiting for stickers. I have lost them in my house somewhere. I know. I know.
  • I have realised a thing about the diet coke ad that I talked about last week. The man in this ad is actually walking past (and greets) the woman from the April version of the ad! My small mind was quite pleased to have noticed that.
  • I got a nice email from someone that I don’t know to say they like my weaknotes. Thank you internet stranger! I don’t know why people read these, but it’s nice when people do.
  • At work something cool happened, which I’ll have to be deliberately vague about, but basically the FT data team has been working on some machine learning stuff and unlike a lot of machine learning things it actually seems quite good and well thought out and like it might serve a useful purpose? Anyway, perhaps someone will write something proper about it somewhere one day. I hope they do.
  • Another work update. The Editor of the FT is an extremely impressive person. Even my attempts to describe how impressive he is feel clumsy and stupid so I won’t bother. Anyway. Here is the thing. I once stood behind him in the queue at the canteen where this incredibly articulate and well-read man lamented the fact that they had stopped selling ham and cheese croissants. Ham and cheese. “He puts his trousers on one leg at a time just like everybody else”1.
  • Anna has written a good post on hiring.
  • OK I’m going to try and work out where those Tampon Club stickers are now.


  1. Once Lachie heard this and decided to prove that it was possible to put a pair of pants on two legs at a time. It took several attempts but he did manage to jump into them eventually. 

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