• Stressful week. Trying to remember to drink enough water.
  • Drinking water, like brushing my teeth very throughly, it is something that calms me down because it is good for me and it doesn’t rub up against any of my ongoing low-level worries - the environment, my health and money. But also, every cell of my human-baby-son must pass through my body first. This chonky boy drinks a lot of milk so I have to produce a lot. Water is the main component of breast milk so I’ve got to drink enough for two.
  • Also did you know that production of breastmilk has been shown to leech calcium from a mother’s bones, if they were not consuming enough. That’s how serious my body is taking feeding this baby.
  • Did you know there is a reddit for people who love drinking water. It’s just relatable memes of TFW you wake up in the middle of the night very thirsty and then have a nice glass of water. Hydro homies

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