• I have started putting some knitting on Ravelry. I don’t know how Ravelry works, but you can see me there. I only have two friends, so if you’re on Ravelry do add me.
  • My desire to document everything here, on my website, in one place, owned by me, is somewhat undermined by my jump to Ravelry but there are some good things about Ravelry so I thought I’d give it a go.
  • I planted tulip bulbs. And, I’m not sure this is really the greatest idea, but I just took some soil from some of my summer pots, sieved it to remove roots and whatnot, and then added some potting grit and slow release fertiliser. Will.. that… work? You never see Monty Don do that shit but, well what am i going to do with all this old soil if not reuse it?
  • Biden has won. Thank absolute fuck for that. Grimly curious as to what havoc Trump, sour from his defeat and full of spite, will wreak as he leaves. The desire to destroy everything, including yourself, out of spite is very relatable but I’m not the leader of the free world, I’m a suburban mum considering throwing my two year old’s dummy in the bin in front of her because she claims she is too big for naps now.
  • I saw a kingfisher when I was walking the waterlink way with Maggie and it was brilliant! I’ve never seen one before. I might go back and look for it again.
  • Baby C has learnt to back onto front. Of course, he can’t do the reverse manoeuvre and doesn’t really like being on his tummy so I have to right him quite a lot as he squawks on the floor. E has started learning to add. She knows what 3+1 is but not what 1+3 is. She is definitely left handed, which neither Lachie or I are. I assume that’s fine? does she need some special scissors? I should watch that Simpsons ep about when Ned Flanders opens the Leftorium shouldn’t I.
  • I watched all of The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix this week, after Russell said it was good. It made me want to learn to play chess and be an extremely thin doe eyed white woman in about equal measure.
  • I spent about 2 hours sat in the rain on the steps outside weatherspoons with Jen. Surrounded by fag butts, often our chatter was completely drowned out by the sound of the double deckers going past. It was really ace and I was buzzing from it for the rest of the day.

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