• We have mice again, as is tradition in October. Something a bit grim about being trapped in the house under a second lockdown with all this mouse poo and wee.
  • The mice’s return gives rise to a new game called “mouse poo or sock fluff”.
  • It’s Monday night and on Tuesday there is a US election. Who will win? Good luck America!
  • Treating myself to a “luxury wee”, which is where I put some cartoons on for E and C and then get to urinate uninterrupted!
  • Should I get a fringe?
  • Eedle weedle got her thumb snapped in a mousetrap. I wasn’t on toddler duty at the time. Her thumb is fine.
  • I am nearly done with the wolf hall trilogy. I like the many various ways Margaret Howell (lol she’s the woman that does nice trousers. For some reason the name “Hillary Mantel” always evades me to be replaced with some other Laura Ashley sounding white lady name) Hillary Mantel paints Jane Seymore as being a bit dim.
  • Is it Tory to have a financial adviser? I have a financial adviser now. I literally just need someone to shame me into filing things properly, and doing an ISA. If he can strike that balance - I feel ashamed but not so ashamed that I resent him and end the relationship - then it will have been worth it.
  • The kind of chaotic approach I bring to finances can be summed up in the following anecdote. Legal and General sent me a cheque to pay in - they had overcharged us by £50. I had been planning on getting around to this at some point, paying in cheques is a massive hassle but you know, I’d do it for £50. Also half of that £50 is technically Lachie’s so… yeah. Anyway, this week Legal and General sent us another letter. “That last cheque has expired, here is a new one”. I had put off paying in the cheque for a whole year. This year I think is I will actually pay the cheque in. Just so Lachie doesn’t nark on me to the financial advisor.

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