• This week, because E was home from nursery, I looked after both kids by myself during the day for five days in a row. And because E was isolating, we couldn’t leave the house. I know, I know, is this the single most courageous and extraordinary act in human history? I will let the public decide.
  • I am locked in a battle of will with my two and a half year old over who is in charge. She thinks it’s her, and I think it’s her most of the time but a line must be drawn at her watching “TeeBee” all day, drawing by holding the felt tip up her nose, and doing something I call “getting into things” which is just her pulling things apart (books, clothes, plants).
  • This week I made banana bread because we had some old bananas, more chutney(Nigel Slater this time) to deal with the green tomatoes and play dough(coloured with “the world’s pinkest pink pigment” rather than food colouring) and salt dough Christmas tree decorations.
  • E had a slightly suspicious cough which we thought amounted to “continuous” so we took her for a test on Monday, and as of Friday night, we still don’t have any results back. [update] just phoned the test people and after ~20 mins on the phone they said they had lost the test and would launch an investigation. lol ok. E’s symptoms are fine again.
  • I managed to get an hour on my bike last weekend. Hoping for another hour this weekend.

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