• Like Phil, I haven’t watched The Social Dilemma either, and I definitely won’t bother now. This criticism is all I need.
  • We went to London Zoo last weekend (pre NCOV news). It was smashing. I wasn’t really up for it because I didn’t really like being surrounded by other people before they were all potentially harbouring a potentially lethal virus, now, even less keen. Weren’t they always potentially harbouring a potentially lethal virus? Yes. But now even more of them are potentially harbouring an potentially lethal virus. Also - Zoos, despite their rebranding as “pro conservation” still, to me, seem like they might be bad?
  • Having a two and a half year old is really teaching me who I am. Feel that that wave of futility and shame as you yell “GET A GRIP!!!” at your toddler who is having another tantrum because they are overtired.
  • There has been a case of the novel corona virus at nursery, in the room E is in, so she’s going to be at home and not allowed to leave the house until the 5th of Nov. BUCKLE UP KIDS.
  • I am knitting the verse and reverse scarf. It has taken me about 2 weeks to knit four inches, and it needs to be 68 inches long. So - you don’t need to be a Stephen Hawking to do the maths on that one. Still, at least I’m learning how to do double knit.
  • With some embarrassment, here are some things I’ve watched on TV lately, they are of a theme:
    • Us - Bit sentimental for me. A wife (Saskia Reeves) leaves her husband and he does a lot of confused things as he processes it. I did watch all of it in about 2 days.
    • Life - Also a bit sentimental. I also watched all of it in about 3 days
    • Love Life - Also a bit sentimental, but with funnier writing than Us and Life.
    • Road Kill - Another TV show where Saskia Reeves is playing the wife of a man who is not really meeting some very basic standards of husbandry1. Having worked in a Government department and a newspaper I can say that the depictions of both workplaces are very accurate. I was expecting this series to end in the downfall of the main character, or at least, some resolution on all of the various threads. I’m so used to tv shows doing that that when it ended I didn’t realise I had watched the final episode until I went looking for the next one.
  • Is there a better album than Jay-Z / Linkin Park collision course? No.
  • Blink 182 have released a new single called “quarentine”. I listened to it and it is bad. Tom DeLongue has left the band to chase UFOs full time and been replaced by the man from Alkaline Trio.


  1. Not actual husbandry. Just bein cute („• ֊ •„) 

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