• Ay, me.
  • My in-laws visited last weekend. They’re gone now and I don’t know when we’ll see them again. Before the pandemic they visited every two weeks and it was great. I miss that.
  • One of my parent friends had decided to fully ignore any pandemic rules that inconvenience her (specifically we’re talking about rule of 6 indoors which basically prevents play-dates which are a key opportunity parents with children get to socialise). She stated that until Dominic Cummings et al were following the rules, she wouldn’t be bothering either. I get this, but have elected instead to trudge grimly on following the rules as far as I can make sense of them. To quote Aanand, I don’t get results, but god damn it, I play by the rules.
  • I’ve been off work for over 3 months and it still very rudely intrudes my thoughts at inopportune moments, like 4am. Mostly just re-playing conversations, building up the case in my mind that I’m a useless colleague who should shut up and fuck off. Ah well. It seems unfair that I can’t get any peace but it makes sense - not working for three months creates an absence of feedback, positive or otherwise, which means my head fills the void with my most memorable of cock-ups.
  • I saw a lovely autumnal tree and it reminded me of Matt Sheret so I emailed him and we went for a walk on his lunchbreak. We saw some good trees in Sydenham Wells Park.
  • This week I made this very straightforward serious eats curry with the green tomatoes. It was good, I’ll make it again next week as I have yet more green tomatoes to eat. Advice if you intend to make it yourself follows: no, those quantities are not enough for two people unless you have quite a lot of bread.
  • This week my one of my neighbours got an indian takeaway, and I was able to piggy back on their order with some additional naan bread to go with the aforementioned green tomato curry. This is really living the dream as far as relations with my neighbours go.
  • I wiiiiiiiiish I had a sense of smell. I just want to be able to smell baby C. I try to get Lachie to describe what he smells like all the time, but he just takes a big sniff and then does a big goofy smile.

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