• Ever caught a turd as it falls from a toddler’s bottom with an unread copy of the Guardian? I have.
  • Someone at nursery commented that E wears a lot of pink. She does because most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from girls who wore a lot of pink. “I’ll show them” I thought. This week I dyed all her pink clothes orange. It was a choice between orange or red (because the starting colour was pink and I didn’t want to end up with weird shades of purple or brown), and I prefer orange. I didn’t really think about it, but I had imagined a kind of muted peachy shade of orange. Dylon had other ideas and she now has is a lot of clothes that are the colour of US prison jump suits.
  • I’ve started knitting a jumper. Not sure which child this will end up on because I still can’t knit things to a specified size. Yes I have heard of tension squares, I’m just not a very reliable knitter.
  • For anyone who thinks cryptic crosswords are all clues about cricket, species of bird, and the tudors, you should know that this week’s everyman (along with a clue about one of Henry VII’s second wife) also had a clue whose answer was the Season 10 winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Something for everybody.

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