• Good morning fellow citizens
  • I’d like a little spot on the beach, with a piña colada where my one and only job is to reply to all the email chains from friends (4? 5?) that I’ve let lapse because I don’t have the time and space in my brain to sit down and thoughtfully respond to them. Of course, email begat email so I’d have to go to this beach spot once per week to keep up with it.
  • Very little happened this week, even less than usual.
  • We stayed in a village on the edge of the Peak District this week. I love walking through damp forests which is very lucky because there were plenty to be walked through up here.
  • I’ve realised that my hairdresser must be using softened water when they wash my hair because it comes out feeling the same kind of clean as my hair feels all the time up here (where the water is soft)
  • Finally found a bin to submit to govbins. It’s the one from the now defunct Borough of Macclesfield. “They” (who are they?) rolled up Macclesfield, Congleton Nantwich and Crewe boroughs into two new districts “Cheshire East” and “West Cheshire”. I find the naming of these new districts to be confusing, but maybe they are named differently to compliment one another, like mirror images. I hope it was deliberate, I’ll be furious if it wasn’t deliberate.
  • See? I told you nothing happened.

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