• My husband and I have essentially the same job at different companies. Now I’m on maternity leave and he is in the unusual situation of working from home, it is quite possible that we could pair up on his job without his colleagues knowing. He could attend all those meetings he has to be in, I could do bits of work for him like draft emails, review pull requests, etc etc. I could even be in the meetings with him off screen. Imagine how much more stuff he would get done! Imagine the hijinks! Unfortunately he is not up for these types of escapades at all so I am left with more domestic and mundane forms of supporting him like looking after the babies, meal planning and making lunch.
  • Not all the time, but some of the time my mum places her birth in relation to the number of years since world war II rationing ended. I wonder if C and his contemporaries will plot their own births in relation to the pandemic.
  • When did a “staycation” stop being “a holiday in which you stay in your house” and start being “a holiday in which you stay in your country”. That’s just a holiday my dudes. The Guardian has a thing about it.
  • I’ve started knitting a winter hat for E. This is the first thing I’ve knit since January. I spent a lot of the first trimester with baby C knitting, but once I was past 3 months of vomiting, knitting brought back the powerful sensations of morning sickness and I couldn’t enjoy it at all. Now, six months later I’m able to pick up the needles again. Knitting is much easier to do than sewing because I can bounce C in his baby bouncer and knit at the same time, whereas operating a sewing machine and bouncing a baby, well it’s probably possible but only if you’ve got cirque du soleil levels of body coordination.
  • Tom cycled over on Friday and we had coffee. Sorry about how corny this is but seeing him was good for the soul.

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