• I got mastitis and a related bacterial infection this week. I had it last time with E so I knew early on that it was going to require antibiotics and without them I’d get a fever and then probably die? I didn’t get to the dying phase last time, the shivering in bed unable to move phase was enough.
  • I’m visiting my parents but miraculously their GP surgery was able to see me on the day I called. A masked but kind eyed doctor prescribed me some antibiotics which took effect very quickly.
  • The antibiotics have to be taken four times per day on an empty stomach, ie two hours after you last ate, one hour before you eat again. So that requires me finding four three hour stints of not eating anything which is a fun logistical problem because I eat constantly. The solution is to wake up in the night and take them which luckily also works fine for me because baby C is up every couple of hours.
  • The Dr examination required a “chaperone”, which struck me as weird? What are we saying here, that we don’t trust this man to look at a boob responsibly without another woman present?
  • It was very hot this week.
  • My son is very tall.

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