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Good question @ntlk!

I generally follow women whose style I like and who only post things they’ve sewn rather than lots of other stuff too. I also tend to follow people in the same hemisphere so that everyone is sewing through the same seasons as me. Here is a list.

http://honig-design.blogspot.co.uk/ : I started following honig design after this incredible dress she made. This is how I would dress if I wasn’t such a disastrous slob.

http://thegirlwhomakesthings.blogspot.co.uk/: I started following this blog after seeing this very well fitting romper.

http://www.randomlyhappyblog.com/: This post about trousers was the reason I found them

http://reanalouise.blogspot.co.uk/: When I found this jacket I was like oh shit this girl is for me.

http://www.hyerhandmade.com/blog/: When you sew your own stuff, everything can get a bit twee. Hyer is notable because she is definitely not sewing twee doily bullshit, and also she takes absolutely lovely photos of the stuff she’s sewn.

http://whatkatiesews.net/: I know this is weird but I sort of feel from her writing that Katie and me would get on famously if we ever met. She is a prolific sew-er and she makes a lot of stuff that I would like to wear. Good taste.

http://www.guthrie-ghani.co.uk/blog: These folks are actually a shop in Birmingham, but they have a really great blog which they post nicely sewn up versions of some of their patterns.

https://joliesbobines.wordpress.com/: Jolies Bobines is a French blogger who posts in both French and English. She has impeccable effortless french style is really good at sewing too.

http://grainlinestudio.com/: This is the blog Jen and Kendra from Grainline write. It has some very good practical tutorials as well as posts about making their patterns (of which I am a great fan)

http://gingermakes.com/: Ginger is really good at sewing and really good at writing. She also comes across as a really nice person, so I’m always pleased when she has something new to share.

http://diy-couture.blogspot.co.uk/ Is from London I think. She has a wicked style (lots of bright colours, streetwear-y etc).

http://closetcasefiles.com/ is an indie pattern creator as well as a prolific sewist. She does lots of very handy round-ups of what other people are sewing in her weekly “this week in sewing” posts, and through her I’ve found a lot of other people to follow.

http://www.adaspragg.com/ is a real legit babe. She sews a lot of really lovely stuff and it’s always beautifully photographed too.

https://sewstylist.wordpress.com/: doesn’t post all that often, but she has an undeniable style. Look at this outfit! Look at it!!!

And that’s it!

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