[Note] Hello - this is an old post that I’ve moved over from my Tumblr. I’ve just copied the words and pictures across.

I married my long-time boyfriend (and sewing.butt.kitchen photographer) yesterday. We didn’t tell anyone until the day after we did it, except for our four guests. It was a perfect Saturday, followed by an equally wonderful Sunday of telling all our friends and family that we got married without telling them!

For a dress I wanted something I might be able to wear again, that was special but not so special that it would look weird if we went to the pub after the ceremony.

This fabric is Katey Stretch Beige from Fabric Godmother. When I saw it I knew is was the right thing for the job. It’s so lovely. I have loads left over, so I expect there will be matching trousers.

It’s a Merchant and Mills Camber in size 14, which was enormous! I made a muslin which helped me figure out I had to take a lot in at the sides. What I didn’t manage to figure out was that the neck was too big at the front, just gaping away from me. To correct that I had to unpick the shoulder seams and then re-sew it all (mostly by hand)

I love the camber neck-line so much but it doesn’t work for me without alteration. I really really have to remember that for next time.

Anyway! There we go, a wedding dress.

Wedding camber Wedding camber Wedding camber Wedding camber

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