• We have a new baby. He was born on Sunday, 2 days before his due date, weighing 9lb 9oz - putting him on about the 95th centile for weight.
  • He’s very soft.
  • I had forgotten how hardcore newborn babies are.
  • The labour was extremely different to last time. My waters broke before any other labour signs, and the next morning my contractions started. I got to hospital and two hours later he was born. I had an epidural last time because I was induced so this was the first time I’ve felt a baby come out of me. Wow you guys. People will tell you “it stings” and that is the sensation but, like, it stings more than anything you’ve ever felt in your life.
  • [humble brag] The midwife was very impressed by the size of my placenta and the length and girth of the umbilical cord. She was actually really excited to see one so big. I love it when people love what they do.
  • Like his sister, baby C has an epic tongue tie. We got it fixed privately again because the wait times on the NHS are a couple of weeks and I can’t be doing with that level of pain every time he needs to eat (every two-three hours). On one level I am proud at the severity of the tongue tie. 100% tie! Well done son.
  • I wouldn’t have changed anything about my last labour with E, but now I’ve had a “good” birth I realise how much easier it can be, in particular the recovery. Last time I was on disgusting tasting antibiotics, needed anti-clotting injections daily in the stomach, iron tablets for the blood I’d lost (which made me extremely constipated) and a catheter for a week because I couldn’t pee on my own. I couldn’t sit properly or pick things up off the ground for 2 weeks. I had to sit on bags of frozen peas. This time - none of that! I’m fine! I pretty much skipped out of the hospital. *

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