• We’re watching The Thick of It. I didn’t watch it the first time around. In 2005 when it was first broadcast I think I was basically still a baby. Then having not got into it early I just didn’t bother. Anyway. “You’ve got a face like Dot Cotton licking piss off a nettle”.
  • I watched E set up and then play an entire picnic with her toys this week. “Would you like more tea Pooper? Oh yes that’s very nice”. RIP me.
  • We’ve gotten small amounts of rocket from the garden, which is a delight. We’re going to be balls deep in tomatoes pretty soon. The echinaceas, heleniums and coreopsis are looking good out the front.
  • Since BERG days I’ve been eating breakfast every Friday at the Shepherdess café with some friends. It’s been the scene of many special memories and also many ordinary ones. I had a 30th birthday breakfast there and a wedding breakfast there. I’ve often wondered when my last shep would be. Those friends had been meeting there long before I joined so maybe I’d just slip away and leave them to it, or maybe I’d move. Anyway, the thing I didn’t see coming was the Shep shutting down.
  • There has already been an outbreak of head lice at E’s nursery. None on E yet but I’m staying alert. What an opportunity we had to eliminate head lice with the closure of nurseries and social distancing. I don’t even understand how they came back so quickly - did some kids just have them for the whole 3 months at home without anybody noticing?

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