• Wimper
  • Lots of searching for the hero inside myself this week. Lots of searching for the secrets I hi-iide.
  • Didn’t find the hero, of course. Did survive the week, but mainly because ‘surviving’ is just grimly trudging through the horror of a 2 year old with bleeding ulcerated gums without at any point taking to the sea in a boat with a hole in it.
  • When I was little I asked my Grandad if he was going to live to be 100 and he said “oh goodness me no, when I turn 90 I’m going to take a sailboat out with a hole in it”. Pretty classy way to commit suicide I think.
  • I think sailing is something I’d be a natural at if I ever tried. There’s very little grounds for that confidence.
  • We had to take the sides of E’s cot because she can climb out now. And when she does climb out she just tumbles onto whoever is around to catch her. L is attempting to get her to nap in her big girl bed now - will he manage it? (no)(…no?)(yes???)(yes. unbelievable). Although she is asleep on the floor rather than in the bed.
  • We had the 20 week scan, everything looking very normal down there so that’s good. We didn’t see the baby’s face at all but we did see his junk, according to the sonographer, though to me it looked like a blurry smudge.

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