• You can really get a lot done when you don’t feel nauseous all day and tired enough to be able to take a 3 hour nap without it ruining your night time sleep.
  • Next week is the 20 week scan. It will be fun to find out if there is a tiny penis inside me or not. So far nobody has asked me if I’m going to find out what the “gender” is - this happened a lot last time - so well done everyone for no longer confusing sex and gender. I guess that problem has been solved.
  • Another theory is that everyone to whom I said “no the scan won’t tell us the gender because gender is a made up construct” has remembered how absolutely savage I am and not going to make the same mistake twice.
  • The pro of having a boy baby is that in about 18 years time I’ll be surrounded by my very tall children, and he’ll be the tallest of all, and I’ll be the tiny matriarch. The con of having a boy baby is the tiny boy parts on the changing mat - so ornate! so fussy! peeing everywhere! my! god! why! That is everything to think about with having a boy as far as I’m concerned.
  • L ate 5 creme eggs last Sunday. Some of these he ate by biting the top off and popping a mini-egg inside and then eating that. Others he just followed with a little mini-egg chaser. What an enigma that man is.
  • Managed to get the phrase “big click energy” into a presentation at work. It was about the importance of vanity URLs.
  • E has mouth ulcers and is on her 7th dribble related t-shirt change so far today. The wind kept me awake as I was gripped by an irrational fear that some part of our house might fall off. I keep getting text messages from Labour candidates.
  • Tried to nap to radio 4 but it was “Any Answers” 😕🔫
  • I listened to the Malcolm Gladwell book “Talking to Strangers”. The audiobook version is really really good - better than the paper version because Malcolm Gladwell has actually thought about the medium and adapted the content appropriately. It has audio excerpts of interviews instead of him simply reading them out. It has some Janelle Monae in-between chapters. Of course his narration is very good, he’s had a lot of practice at that through his podcast. The content of the book was very straightforward, a series of studies about trying to understand people, all building to an interpretation of the events leading up to the death of Sandra Bland.

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