• We have brexited the EU.
  • I have small veins. They have to use the type of needles they use on actual babies on me to get the blood out. I am a tall person full of tiny delicate baby veins.
  • The bruise from the phlebotomist rooting around in my arm has come up really nicely.
  • I cried a bit during the The Good Place finale.
  • I watched the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix. It was good! It made me like her.
  • My colleague Matt wrote this thing about what he learnt about negotiation on the MBA he just completed. I like it because he’s not a typical MBA person - he’s a software engineer that took advantage of an FT programme where they pay your fees to do an MBA - so his takes are more relatable than… um… your typical MBA student. Good job Matt.
  • E has started stroking my face and saying “You’re so beautiful mummy!”. I love it. I didn’t teach her that but it is exactly what I want from my child, even when her hands are a bit peanut buttery.
  • We have started doing cryptic crossword club at work again. Edds and I used to do it at GDS every lunch time. It’s good because we’re both not very good at cryptic crosswords, and so anyone, except people who are good at crosswords (which spoils the fun) is welcome to bring their sandwiches along and join in. This week for the first time we managed to do the whole crossword.

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