• [Alice vs Nature update] We caught another two three mice. That’s five in total. On Monday night I dreamt I was in a room with buckets full of dead mice. They were overflowing with dead mice.
  • [Alice vs Nature update] We have a nature cam pointed at where the mice like to hang out. So far we have not seen any more mice.
  • I’m watching Killing Eve because Alex off of Feminist Friday recommended it. If you’re not already a subscriber of Fem Fri then you should consider it. Alex is your well read, articulate, hilarious friend who is just better than you somehow but also for some reason lets you hang out with them? Her newsletter is 100% stories from women across a very broad range of topics. Did you know there is a type of pasta only made by a handful of old women in Sardinia? That is just one of the many interesting things I have learnt from Alex’s newsletter.
  • Edith has started sleeping through the night. We did some sleep training for a week. Instead of waking up every 2 hours (and me feeding her) for the last three nights she has slept 7pm - 6am. We did “controlled crying” which all the mom blogs are a bit against, but it’s stopped me going back to work severely sleep deprived which is good for me and the people who will have to be around me.
  • I am old, but one of my top 5 wishes is that I could search ASOS by fabric type.
  • One of the babies in our NCT group has a double crown. I like spotting double crowns, it’s sort of a hobby. In fact, it was me that spotted baby Ellie’s double crown and casually mentioned it to her mum, which I feel especially proud of? Her mum didn’t even know what a double crown was.
  • On the subject of hair, a list of all the things hair professionals have told me about mine:
    • It is very ‘strongly directional from the crown’
    • I have more hairs than average but they are all very thin
    • I have an a-symmetrical hairline at the back which should be compensated for when my hair is cut. Notable hairdresser Trevor Sorbie mentioned that, though he was really telling the trainee hairdresser who had just cut my hair.
  • Swimming was cancelled because the pool was 0.3 degrees celsius too cold. We went for a swim anyway.
  • This is my last week before I go back to work on the 8th. I just read work slack and it’s made me feel stressed. I shouldn’t have done that. That was stupid.
  • Lachie is taking 3 months off to look after Edith which is super exciting for both of us.
  • I am writing a presentation about writing presentations (ooh, meta). I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I doubt I’ll ever be able to give it at a conference for fear that the other talks don’t follow my advice and it looks like I’ve gotten up on stage just to criticise the other talks.
  • Always a good time to reread Dan Carley’s evergreen post on working late responsibly.
  • The kitchen worktop is in which means my kitchen is properly usable after 5 months.
  • In a bid to prove (to myself) that Lachie doesn’t have to do all the DIY, while he was out, fixed the fridge sink1 to the worktop. I trapped my finger between the fridge sink and the worktop in the process which was extremely painful, but the fridge sink is in the hole.


  1. Bizarrely when I first wrote this I wrote “fridge” where I meant sink. I did this three times and only noticed just now as I proofread it before publishing. 

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