• Did you know that Eventbrite’s current strap-line is “Never do nothing again.”. I can’t imagine the mind of someone that thinks that is aspirational. I want to always do nothing forever. Maybe I can find someone who wants to never do nothing again and they can have some of my somethings. It would be mutually beneficial.
  • My colleague Luke is obsessed with chess. He plays about 12 games a day on his phone. He told me he also likes to imagine people as chess pieces (psychopath alert! Hello?!) (just kidding Luke ily).
  • Obviously I asked what chess piece I was and he said a king side knight! My dudes! the knight is the best one! not just because it’s represented by a cute horse, but unlike all the other pieces it can jump over pieces, and it has this unique move that none of the other pieces can do. Anyway. Maybe Luke, who sees himself as a bishop, was just flattering me (classic bishop move). But I am flattered all the same.
  • King side knights are more strategically important because they protect the useless king, whereas the Queen is the absolute boss so doesn’t need as much protection.
  • He said Edds is a king side rook - big on “castleing” apparently. which I think is where you have sex with members of the royal family in public toilets? Haha funny joke might delete later.x
  • I tried to read the bloody Google AMP docs again and it didn’t go well.
  • I finished my mittens and wrote about them here.

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