For my 30th birthday I decided to learn how to knit. I did some knitting, a jumper for E, which turned out OK if a bit wonky, and a jumper for me which turned out bad. Then I stopped knitting for a bit. These mittens are the first new thing I’ve made since then. I used Wool And The Gang’s sugar baby alpaca wool.

I made the pattern up using parts from Mary Scott Huff’s book “The Mitten Handbook”.

Mitten knitting is great - lots of opportunity to customise different aspects, plenty of new techniques, quick to finish. Obviously mittens are very chic too. I also have very big hands, so it’s thrilling to be able to knit something big enough to accommodate them.

Some technical details for next time:

  1. Nordic cast on
  2. 50 sts twisted rib
  3. Increase to 60 sts
  4. 4 sts stockinette
  5. western gusset thumb until 21 sts
  6. 60 rows stockinette (? I actually can’t remember if this is right and I’m too lazy to count. Future me - you may want to count!)

Mittens on

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