• Week 52 my dudes! A whole year of weaknotes. This is going OK isn’t it? I’m having fun anyway.
  • Terrible news friends, I have a cold.
  • [Alice vs Nature] I just saw a mouse in my house. I have sort of given up on trying to fight the mice. It’s too hard with E to lay traps as she’ll definitely end up putting her little fingers in them. She loves peanut butter!
  • [Alice vs Nature] I have bought some electric mouse traps.
  • [Alice vs Nature] I went to a park near the office today for a mentoring chat and it was SO FULL OF RATS that we had to leave early. They were running about around us, rustling through the bushes, it was very gross.
  • If you can believe it, this week I realised none of the photos on FT.com articles have alt text. I fixed it so now users of assistive tech can enjoy the stock photos of people in suits along with our sighted users. The fix was easy but unfortunately revealed a different bug further along the pipeline which the tests didn’t catch so I released. Editorial seemed a bit miffed but it was basically fine.
  • I got a puncture on my way to work, a long screw went through my tyre and double punctured my inner-tube. Luckily it happened in Peckham outside a nice coffee shop so the first thing I did was get a flat white and a cinnamon bun. I decided to replace the inner-tube rather than take it to the nearest bike shop because I was too proud to pay someone else to fix it. It took me 35 minutes of cursing at my tyre and staring off into the distance trying to remember the various techniques for replacing an inner tube but I did manage it eventually.
  • In the time I was fixing it, two people stopped to tell me where the nearest bike shop is - thank you but I am wearing a Rapha jersey - I can do this. One person parked their Lime e-bike next to me, making a very compelling visual campaign for e-bikes.

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