• Weaknotes are late again because I was in the Cotswolds this weekend. This is the 5th weekend in a row that I’ve been away and it feels a bit excessive. Next week’s weaknotes (Week 52!) will be on time and on budget.
  • Lachie and I stayed in a Holiday Inn overnight to break up the travel so E wouldn’t cry for 3 hours solid in the car. I had assumed Holiday Inns were bad because I thought the refrain “Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn” was in order of preference, but actually they’re alright aren’t they? Better than a Travel Lodge.
  • The Holiday Inn that we stayed in - and presumably all Holiday Inns - counted the floors from 1, not 0. That’s some really American energy isn’t it?
  • This Holiday Inn was the first time ever that I have ordered room service. It was very underwhelming food and we had to eat it in the bathroom because Edith was not really asleep in the bedroom. Lachie sat in the empty bathtub with his pizza and I perched on the toilet with my humous wrap.
  • I strongly dislike dogs.
  • An argument older than time itself: When should a link be a link and when should a button be a button and when should a link be a button and when should a button be a link. Do not at me.
  • Today (Monday) I went to Beckonscot Model village. I went there when I was little so I was quite excited to see if it was as fun as I remembered. Obviously it wasn’t because now I am old and jaded, but E had fun which was nice to watch.

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