• I finished knitting the Tuskaft from the last ever edition of Pom Pom. I did not enjoy the intarsia although i like how it looks now it’s finished.
  • On Monday I went to The Newt in Somerset for a spa day for mum’s 70th. It was extremely posh. Not like “no jeans in the restaurant posh” but like “we’ve thought of everything and nothing is too much trouble” posh. Like “we’ve quietly arranged a golf buggy to take you to the garden tour so you won’t be late” posh. I had a very nice massage and the masseuse spent a lot of time pinging the knots in my shoulder, which felt good but also like maybe 15 years of being slouched at a desk might finally be catching up with me. The Newt is home to the national collection of apple trees, which isn’t much to look at in March but I bet is really cool in September. I am keen to return I just need to work out how.
  • On Saturday I went to Alex and Christina’s wedding. It was in Barnes and the weather was extremely good (finally). The kids were invited too so we had a jolly time watching Chaz talk about all of his cars to everybody and E engage in a long game of “throw the fuzzy ball in the tub” with Rowan and Charlotte.
  • We stayed in a “hoteel” as the kids call it. We let them stay up late eating peanut butter sandwiches and watching OK Go videos in bed, E said it was the best night ever and she was probably right.
  • E is in our bed, wedged in the middle, having a cuddle with her dad. “Get me some milk big spare woman!”. (I did not get her the milk)
  • I have a hurty shoulder again. I think I might have to become a back-sleeper but foetal feels so good >:(

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