• Well well well, we weak again.
  • This week I had the difficult second birthday party with Phil and Russell. Thanks for everyone who came for the merch and stayed for the (undrinkable) mojitos. We are now collectively 148 years old. I think we’ll go again next year if only because three is a magic number.
  • On Wednesday I took the day off to avoid the indignity of having to work while feeling β€œa bit tired”. I re-hemmed a pair of trousers, finished off an Atelier Brunette Chemisette made out of some Merchant and Mills fabric that I picked up last week in Rye, and had a lenghtly conversation with the newts and newt babies (efts) in the chilly March sunshine.
  • There is a squirrel in our garden that has a completely white tail.
  • There is a fox in our garden that has a completely bald tail. It is just a hairless spine. Truly revolting.
  • [Late entry because of course I forgot] My American CTO friend Rebecca came for a flying visit to Brighton with her 10 year old. I will clarify that this is not the American CTO called Rebecca that I work for, but a different one. Anyway, we played the hits: Shelter hall, getting hailed on while trying to ride on the merry-go-round, 2p machines on the pier and then home for games of Ourfoxed and Set.

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