• I don’t know why, but for some reason I always assume white things don’t smell. Did you now chalk has a smell.
  • I’ve been trying to be environmentally better recently. I’ve stopped cooking meat at home - I know, I know just go fucking vegetarian already. I’ve also been a bit better at using less plastic. So when Ben instagrammed about his mate’s project Trash Plastic I read it all with interest. The other plastic reduction stuff I’ve read has been very US centric, but this is from someone that lives near me - hurrah! The first thing I’ve realised is we should be using soap not shower gel. I feel like a moron for not thinking of that for myself.
  • Obviously it’s very tempting to just go out and buy all these plastic free products immediately but that is not in the spirit of this project so I must resist that urge.
  • I have a big presentation on Monday and I feel actually nervous about it, which is novel.
  • I went to Hythe this weekend. We got a flat that overlooks the sea. It was absolutely brill.
  • E has started running towards me and throwing herself into me for a hug. It is exactly like something off the telly.
  • Good morning to everyone except the bastard that broke into our bike shed and stole Lachie’s bike. An everyone responsible for Brexit. Now until we get a new bike shed, we have to keep our bikes in the house which is gross and inconvenient.

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