• Still laughing at E very quietly saying to C “C- do you want to die?” because I had just said “Don’t do that C! You’ll go deaf!” to try and stop him putting a crayon in his ear.
  • When he told me he was going to put a crayon in his ear, and then forcefully argued that he should be allowed to put a crayon in his ear, it eventually turned out he meant behind his ear, builder style. But he did this in the car so it was dark and I couldn’t reach him.
  • It’s hard to distinguish “deaf” and “death” when yer da has that Macc accent that doesn’t bother enunciating “th”. Most of his home mates do it too.
  • I forgot to mention this at the time but I finally deleted my public twitter account for real. I was hanging onto it because very occasionally I’d get DMs from nice folks who like things I’ve done and want to chat about it, but those people are just going to have to send me an email.
  • I watched Saltburn. How could I not after the following review from Fem Fri:

    Saltburn AKA Sexy Brideshead AKA PENISES 3D: THEY FLY AT YOU FACE. I have heard criticism that this film is tonally uneven, but there were probably about 15 minutes (non-consecutive) where I wasn’t doing a low growl of approval while watching this. Class anxiety, webs of lies, the purest awkwardness, it is wonderful.

  • I started university in 2006, when the film begins, and I the nostalgia was powerful. Watching it transported me right back to fresher’s week York 2006. Cringe. The plughole bit was disgusting. Give that man an Oscar.
  • Cor I feel invincible this week. I properly mounted some wobbly posters, I booked and attended a my first dental check up in 👀 glances at calendar 👀 six years (it was fine, no fillings, the standard flossing lecture), did all the washing, did all the non-urgent work admin. I’m ready to call January a success.
  • [Late entry into the weaknotes] - motherhood continues to humble me 🧵🪱 🍑 🤢

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