Wiggle worm, leaves you feeling blue, you can count on me, I will beaver for you.

  • Chaz is always singing. He hasn’t made up these words so much as heard them and made sense of them in his own world.
  • My interim Tech Directorship has been de-interimated. The shiny bauble is mine to keep. I was sort indifferent to being an interim, but actually it has meant that everyone has had to congratulate me twice which as an attention seeking harpy – sorry ✌️ extrovert ✌️ – has been great!
  • Do you reckon Monty Don’s houseplants get spider mites? We were doing so well!!!!!
  • Chaz had a vomiting bug over the weekend. Just a little Friday night yarfing. So far nobody else in the family has caught it.
  • This week at work was nuts. 30 minute meetings are good until you have 10 unrelated ones in a day.

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