• Nobody talks about New Zealand flatworms these days. Back in 1996 there was a lengthly segment about them on Blue Peter and I remember thinking it was imperative that we stop these slimy invaders from killing our native earthworms. I can see Katy Hill now - squatting by some plants showing you how to check for flatworms.
  • My neighbours have been very envious of my 1700l of well rotted horse manure. One of them described the supplier as “the best in the business!”. Only the best for my dahlias.
  • I read “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” and it was very good and unexpectedly about two people who create video games together.
  • Chaz can recognise Porsches.
  • I have resumed my driving lessons with a new instructor - “Terry”. Friday’s lesson was… fine? I did one major mistake and got a sarcastic clap from the passenger of the other car which stung and also felt really unnecessary, but it’s important to remember that that woman will spend her life burdened by being a complete dick whereas I am just a person occupying the temporary state of trying to learn to drive a car.
  • Brighton Council don’t use pesticides anymore which means that our street has a wide variety of weeds which then come and annually get scraped off by some fellas.
  • I renovated a cupboard this week. It’s really chic now. I did spend five hours inserting a clothes rail. I won’t get into the details of this work but I learnt a lot about Makita drills and plasterboard in the process.

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