• Are you still cutting off two sides of your PDF clothes patterns and then sticking them together like a loser? TRY THIS COMPLETELY PARADIGM SHIFTING METHOD FOR ASSEMBLING PATTERNS. Thank you to Tessa for showing me the true way.
  • Edds has joined the team I’m in at the FT. I feel absolutely giddy at the prospect of working with him again.
  • Speaking of which did you know that a Gallup poll found that women with a work best friend are twice as likely to be engaged with their work than those that don’t. Poll. Not to brag, but I have several work best friends which would explain why I am so incredibly engaged with my job.
  • [Pro tip] After a rubbish day, sack everything you possibly can off, except brushing your teeth really well. Do the back ones, get the bit behind your lower front where the dentist always goes HAM to scrape the plaque off. Brush your tongue. Do your best. There. Now at least you’ve ended the day on a high. Pat yourself on the back and go to bed.
  • There was more for these weeknotes. Possibly something about how E is mortally afraid of her Grandad and will try to hide whenever he comes on the video call? Maybe something about how hard it is to dress for work when you want both software engineers AND business folk to take you seriously especially when you’re a woman. I don’t know I’ve forgotten.

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