A few weeks ago I did the cigarette pants class at Sew Over It.

Cigarette pants are usually navy blue (at least, the class sample was navy, and both the other women in the class were making navy pants too). I don’t see the point in sewing clothes that you could just buy in a shop so I’ve made these in “emerald green viscose crepe” from Fabric Godmother. They are the colour of a green screen.

The pattern is really nice. I cut a size 12 but lengthened them by about an inch.

This crepe has a bit too much drape for these trousers so it was a a fight to get them made. I’ll probably make another pair in a more structured fabric. I’d quite like some bright pink trousers, so perhaps that.

Julie Johnson taught the class. She’s amazing. Really good at helping with pattern adjustments and knows absolutely loads about sewing. This is the second class I’ve done with her, she’s magic.

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