• On Wednesday we went to the Thornton Le Dale show. The first thing we encountered was an entire tent full of mostly award winning ferrets. The show was massive and very well attended given it was a Wednesday in August.
  • There was a live band there and wee C (who is very interested in music) sat on my knee for a bit while we watched these old boys from the big band do 1940’s numbers. After a couple of songs C got off my lap, took my hands and insisted we have a dance. Nobody else was dancing, but when a three year old asks you to dance at a village show, that’s not something you say no to. I think we would still be dancing if it hadn’t been home time.
  • The thing about holidays with young kids is they are just full time childcare away from the good coffee machine and the nail clippers. However I did manage some little pockets of me-time this week, like when I popped on an audio book and de-loused my hair in the bathroom while the kids went off for a swim. Is this… self care? 🦋
  • I got a clean sheet from the head lice treatment. (A clean sheet is the term i just coined for when you don’t have head lice so the toilet paper sheet that you use to wipe the lice off the lice comb remains clean. its funny because a clean sheet is also a term used in football when your team doesn’t concede any goals. Who is this hot smart lice-free woman who knows enough about football to construct a joke like this?. Sorry lads, I’m married)
  • The silent battle I have been fighting with head lice this year has been incredible. You never know what someone is struggling with.
  • We had so many good days out this week! yesterday we walked from Boggle Hole over the top of the cliffs to Robin Hood’s bay and then back along the beach. The beach part is only completable 3 hours before or after high tide because there is a bit of cliff that juts out. The beach has lots of fossils and rock pools and people flying drones.
  • Boggle hole also has a lovely little café / youth hostel where you can get some good cake.
  • I am too tired to unpack this but the existence of unicorn pool floaties makes me think the end of humanity is completely inevitable.
  • And it’s ice cream for dogs that makes me think british society is utterly fucked.

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