• A good week. Lots of problems but I think I was a positive influence in them.
  • The greenhouse is now producing tomatoes but not enough to outstrip the demand of my children.
  • The hokkaido winter squash is looking very good although they are already surprisingly large so I don’t know where this will end.
  • On Saturday we went to York and, more specifically, Duttons for Buttons. I told E to find her top five buttons in the whole shop which kept her busy while I found some buttons for a cardigan I am going to knit. Duttons for Buttons has over 10,000 buttons, arranged by colour. It’s quite an overwhelming place.
  • Since I went to University in York, returning there was very pleasant. Walking around the town centre brought back lots of memories of being there in 2006. In particular the scuzzy student night life, the bad nightclubs followed by that same kebab shop we always went to after.
  • E has invented a game where the person who is silent for the longest wins. The prize is you get to tell everyone your top four family members. And this is how I found out I am not in her top four.

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