• Happy my birthday to you
  • My driving instructor told me I’d had “my best lesson yet” this week. I have cleared quite a low bar there.
  • Last week there were two dead frogs in the garden, this week I went to the garden and found a further eleven scattered across the lawn. They were in various states of decay. I had to collect them all up in a bucket and then bury them. Cats? Magpies? Foxes? A triumvirate of terror? idk.
  • Very specific childhood memory - We’ve been taking body talk
  • Last weekend we took the kids to Goodwood as it is a good stopping point between my parent’s house and outs. It was brill! Planes taking off!!! cars doing things!!! Warm scones!
  • FAO people who like clothes-making-telly-of-variable-quality: New season of Next In Fashion is on Netflix. They have replaced Alexa Chung with Gigi Hadid and she’s… OK? Tan France is still there and completely unable to fulfil his one main duty (sending people home) without crying, which is unusual for this type of format.
  • This week we got emails from nursery about impetigo, chicken pox and threadworms. But in actual fact Chaz caught conjunctivitis.

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