• There is frogspawn in the pond. Very little vegetation survived the big freeze so I’m not sure how safe they are compared to last year. I’ve also found two dead frogs in the garden, probably victims of the many local cats.
  • Lots* of engagement on my discovery that [A-z]*\sLounge is in fact a massive chain restaurant. *Three people mentioned it.
  • Pretty solid week tbh. I managed to crack some things that had been giving me a lot of bad vibes. No magical insight as to how or why I managed it - I’m beginning to wonder if the way I feel about everything is just a function of where I am in my menstrual cycle, how much sleep my children blessed me with, and the weather. I could probably write an app that tracked those three things and then sent me push notifications with a daily horror-scope 🤔.
  • “I CAN SEE THE CHEEKY MOON MAM! GO AWAY CHEEKY MOON! IT’S NOT NOIGHT TOIYM!” - Chazbot has a little oliver twist street urchin accent and he yells at the moon whenever he sees it in the day time.
  • Lachie ran the half marathon last weekend. I took the kids to cheer him on. They all did really well.
  • I have started listening to Diary of a CEO and I wish to discuss Stephen Bartlett(no relation)’s interview style with someone in a safe space please. Many thanks.
  • On Friday Tom came to Brighton and we had a really good time walking around and eating. I showed him the statue of Steve Ovett’s foot in Preston Park which I could tell he was extremely impressed by.

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