• We stacked our holidays, and this week was a week in Broadstairs with my parents.
  • We had some very good times. Did you know there is an ice cream parlour in Broadstairs called Morelli’s that is open from 8am to 10pm every day of the week. It was opened in 1932. I went there for breakfast, for an afternoon ice cream, and for a late night post-kids-in-bed sundae with Lachie. Incredible.
  • Having a holiday in a town meant that Lachie and I could easily go out once the kids were in bed. We had a couple of pop-out-for-a-walk-and-a-pint nights that were 🧑‍🍳.
  • We also went to Felix’s new bar in Margate (Daisy) which was so good. Obviously you should go there.
  • Our funnest day was probably taking the kids to dreamland. C and E had a really great time on the rides, C is obsessed with vehicles and completely delighted with the various merry-go-rounds where he could sit on a car or motorbike.
  • I got home to find a fairly healthy crop of greenhouse tomatoes. The grapes are doing much better this year, probably better weather and some light pruning, I’m unsure how sweet they’ll get, but right now they taste like gooseberries (to me, an anosmic person). The raspberries are doing terribly. The fig tree provided it’s first fig, it’s fairly low yield but that’s good because I am allergic to them but also love eating them.
  • C has worked out how to get out of his cot. Bastard. His big sister was 1 year and 1 month old when she figured this out, and he is 1 year and 1 month and 2 weeks old. Pretty close! Idk what we’re going to do this time around. Last time it was absolute chaos and E spent about 6 months refusing to sleep in her bed at all, preferring the floor.
  • The pond has rather a lot of duckweed in it. I don’t know how to pond. We have a lot of baby newts in it which is very exciting.
  • While I was in Broadstairs we watched Aids: the unheard tapes which was really good but also like being punched in the gut repeatedly.

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