• Thanks for your email comments about my last weaknotes. When friends are encouraging about my #content it makes it seem like a good thing to be doing and not a weird misunderstanding in which I falsely consider myself interesting or worthy of your attention because I am a narcissist.
  • Seriously how to I spell check in GitHub’s text editor. As if I can spell narcissist correctly.
  • When I go back to work in 4 weeks time I’m going to be doing a new job. Having taken nearly 10 months away it feels like a great opportunity to drop some not-so-great working habits and pick up some better ones. A bit like your first day back at school. This is the year I stop getting in trouble for talking in class.
  • The good thing about weaknotes on my blog rather than Instagram stories is I get less of a sneaking suspicion some of you are actually hate-consuming my #content. When it’s in the Insta feed you don’t get a choice whereas this takes more effort to actually read. If you’re still here, hate-reading, well that’s on you, I’m afraid.
  • I’ve started playing Two Point Hospital (Theme Hospital 2018). It’s good, though a bit buggy. As you would expect, the copy is excellent. I laughed aloud at “Catches frisbee ‘doggy style’” in particular. Steam is still a mess.
  • If Lachie was a theme hospital character for hire, his hiring list would say
    • Gets a scottish accent when he talks to his mum
    • Kind
    • Squints a lot
  • When I was about 8 my friends and I would always yell the same thing as we left each other on our divergent routes home: “Bye everyone, and don’t forget - today’s [weekday], tomorrow’s [weekday] AND THE DAY AFTER THAT IS SATURDAY!”. It didn’t matter what day we were on, for some reason “THE DAY AFTER THAT” was always “SATURDAY”. We thought this was extremely funny.
  • This isn’t interesting, but it is true.
  • I think these weaknotes should have a title. The title of this one is “The day after that is Saturday”.
  • It’s back to school week in the UK. Please remember if you get the annual back-to-school cold, do us all a solid and STAY HOME. No heroics. You are not important enough to be needed in the office - the Lemsip adverts have been lying to you this whole time.
  • The foxes have dug up my flowerbed for a second time. I cried genuine tiny tears as I replanted it in my pyjamas on Friday morning. I’m going to get some chicken wire, or GALVANISED STEEL TRIPLE TORSION MESH, as B&Q call it, and cover the bed. I’ll also remove the delicious bonemeal that they have been eating. I will outfox these orange bastards.
  • A man on Twitter has offered to make this site HTTPS for me. Thank you, gentle prince, but I must fight this battle alone or with the help of some googling. No, it is not as simple as checking a checkbox in the Github settings.

Okay, love you all. Except those of you who are hate-reading. It’s fine. I also hate-read things. I SEE YOU. Rolling your eyes at me being so… me. UGH. Love you bye.x

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