I read Rachel Coldicutt’s thing about moving away from twitter (Rachel - you’re an influencer) and since then every time I’ve thought of something I might tweet I’ve thought… maybe I won’t tweet that? I still have some things I want to say to people but where should they go? Jenn Schiffer is doing a mailing list which is delightful but am I a mailing list person? Una Kravets has a youtube channel (which I love watching!) but I definitely do not have the pep to be a youtuber. Some of the old boys on the blogging network are doing weeknotes, but I’m on maternity leave and - believe me - you do not want to read the weeknotes from this. They are not at all interesting. Also, what even is a week when you care for a seven month old full time.

I’ve been doing some Instagram stories but that means I have a lot of videos of my haggard face on my phone which surprise me when I’m trying to find a cute video of the baby.

Anyway, here we are, on my blog, or in your RSS reader. I think I’ll do weaknotes. Some collections of notes. Sometimes. Not very well written probably. Generally written with the urgency of someone who is waiting for a baby wake up.

  • There’s a thing some people do when I tell them I don’t have a sense of smell which is they say: “oh well, if you had to lose a sense, smell is the best one to lose”. I cannot dispute this, unless you are a sommelier or a perfumer then smell the least useful sense, however, hearing this does feel a bit annoying. A bit like if you met someone who didn’t have a little finger, and you said “Oh well, if you had to lose a finger, the little one is the best one to lose”
  • I’m writing this in the GitHub text editor. It’s OK? Will I keep blogging like this? More to follow
  • Yes I know my website isn’t https yet. I’m sorry Mariko. I feel self conscious about this but did you know I had a baby?
  • Russell Davies does a thing on his blog where he is generally nice and not a dick about things? I might try that but… is it my personal brand?
  • My kitchen cupboards have been made with a single piece of plywood so the pattern on the wood is continuous from one door to the next all around the room. This makes me deliriously happy. Thank you Plykea!
  • The baby has learnt to crawl. It’s a shame this coincides with us having mice because now there are mouse traps everywhere.
  • I took the baby in to work yesterday and it was lovely. My colleagues are lovely.
  • On the way back from work I bumped into a man who at first I thought worked at GDS with me so I said “Hello!” and then when I realised we didn’t know each other, I said “Oh! we don’t know each other” and he said “well, I think we do now” and then we had an extremely nice chat. He was a theatre director and was off to try and wangle a free ticket to something or other, followed by going home and having a hot chocolate. He was impressed that I work for the Financial Times, which made me feel good about myself.

That’s it. Probably. I have an RSS feed if this feels like your kind of content. If you want to comment on this post you could email me?

Flipping hack how do I spellcheck in the GitHub text editor. Doesn’t seem fair to just post this and let Phil Gyford do it (Hi Phil!💛)

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