• Late with the weaknotes again. This week I was in Northumberland for a very good wedding. The wedding was our friends Helen and Chris. There was light and shade to it because the elation of finally being able to attend the wedding, which had been rescheduled twice, was balanced by the sadness that it was without one of the most epic wedding dancers of the friend group, Anna, who died unexpectedly at the beginning of the year.
  • We got 50% through C’s pre-scan isolation but then the hospital called and said it was cancelled because there had been an emergency. I do understand this - there is someone in Brighton who needs an MRI immediately so of course you bump the otherwise healthy baby. But it was really annoying to have had to take him out of nursery, get my mum down to look after him, PCR him etc. Only to have it cancelled.
  • On Thursday the hospital rang and said they had had a cancellation so he could come in next Wednesday. This means doing the whole thing again, hopefully we’ll get a little further this time.
  • Last week we launched a new app the FT Edit. It was not without some drama which I can’t write here because… well… I don’t think the people involved are over the trauma of it yet. I will summarise it as a fairly hairy last minute bug fix, made from a train, which we had no choice but to test in prod. Anyway the team did really well, and the app was well received based on all the tweets I could bear to read.
  • We got some nice garden furniture so I am ready to eat lunch in the garden as soon as the weather is ready to permit me.
  • I have to go now.

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