• Happy new year! We spent ours playing Pandemic Legacy 2.
  • I fell off the weaknotes wagon because I wrote a blog post about Shared Parental Leave and a yearnotes instead. But this week I’m back baby!
  • I started work again on the 2nd. Hardly anybody was in so I got stuck into the emails and quick jobs that didn’t manage last year.
  • This month I’m going to run a workshop with my team about how to write concisely and clearly. I’ve had fun designing it - it’s given me an opportunity to dig out some favourite blog posts and style guides on writing. Just so we’re clear: there will be no mention of how to use apostrophes properly or do spelling.
  • We played “What became of Edith Finch” through Steam. It was good! Dark and spooky while also not too taxing. But! There is no way the lead character (Edith) has that manicure! What the hell! The Venn intersection of “Perfect french tips with square shaping” and “wears grey knitted fingerless mittens” is empty. I am happy to be a nail consultant on your next game or kickstarter product video, please just stop torturing me with your bad manicures. Edith Finch hands
  • We watched Bandersnatch. I was quite bored by it tbh.
  • We watched LOOOOOFAAAAHHHHH. It was too scary for me. And also literally too dark? There were a few scenes that were too gloomy for me to be able to see what was going on.

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